My Clients

I've been building websites and applications for almost 20 years.

If you need help building a mobile app, website, online store or other piece of technology, Contact me.

If your project isn't the right fit for me, I may be able to recommend other ways to get it done. Advice is always free.


Interim CTO and engineering lead. Scaled the MVP from shared hosting to handling > 1 million users (> 1,000 concurrent) on AWS. Full-stack engineering, oversight, devops, involvement in product decisions. Ruby on Rails, iOS, AWS.


Wrote the front-end code for Included building a bespoke PHP-based template generation tool. CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP.

Oppenheimer Funds

Built an offline-only tablet application for displaying beautiful infographic slideshows and editing them. JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone.js.


Technical consulting / hands-on help for a team migrating from Dojo to jQuery. Front-end architecting and development, best practices establishment, devops / technical process consulting and development.